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Couple's Counseling

The major goal of
Couples therapy is to improve or restore communication. 
A relationship is only as strong as the communication between the partners because with good communication there is no problem that can ever cause a permanent disconnect.
I believe that it is within healthy relationships that each of you has the ability to discover your positive and unique self, meet your potential for personal fulfillment and development, fulfill your need for belonging, and experience emotional stability and happiness. 
Healthy individuals attract healthy partners...healthy partners create healthy families… healthy families offer a foundation for "good parenting."

Couple's treatment is different from individual therapy. The couple, as two individuals, is considered the "client unit." This requires that I  provide counseling that is respectful and inclusive of both partners while holding the relationship in highest regard. You can be assured of my commitment to holding your welfare as my primary concern and consistently giving professional, competent, and ethical care.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am a psychotherapist, counselor, educator, and a relationship specialist, licensed in the State of California, to assess, and diagnose behavioral and emotional health issues, and provide treatment.   
Counseling can help strengthen and enhance your relationship when both partners better understand and support the needs of one another and are willing to work toward mutually agreed-upon goals. Couple’s counseling takes a high commitment by both partners to changing the relationship by:
Understanding the beliefs and behaviors learned in their family of origin
Looking honestly at their individual behaviors in the relationship
Understanding the beliefs and behaviors learned in their family of origin
Understanding the beliefs and behaviors learned in other adult relationships
Understanding that differences that may exist between partners does
not make them right or wrong, just different, and most importantly
Giving top priority to acknowledging and dealing with any drug and/or alcohol abuse or other addictions 
It is important that each individual be aware of my "Secrets Policy." If one person discloses to me outside of the couple's session information that he/she requests I keep a "secret," I assume that person is disclosing that information to me knowing that at my discretion and using my professional judgment I will assist the individual to disclose that secret information to the other person at the next session.

Please remember that I cannot offer a guarantee that couple's work will bring partners closer together or resolve presenting issues and I cannot make decisions regarding which path is the best for you and the relationship.  Only you, the couple, can determine this together.  But I will play an active role in assisting you to determine what is best for each of you and for the relationship. 

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