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Hands Holding Each Other
Hands Holding Hands

Mid-Life Marriage

Midlife can be a time of reassessing the past, experiencing an ever-changing present, and looking toward the second half of life.  Often a large part of this stage of life is the reflection and assessment of one's marriage and the need for a vision of the future.

If you are having difficulty navigating a midlife marriage with its variety of unique challenges, and wondering if it may be the time to leave your long-term marriage, my 3-part authored article, "Re-Commitment in Midlife Marriage: A Letter to Couples" may offer perspectives to assist you in making this important decision..."Do I move forward with my partner and together design a new vision for the second half of life, or do I create a new life as a single individual."
You can have a fulfilling committed relationship/marriage AND individual growth...
we can accomplish this together


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